Particulars of the organization and functions

Secretariat Administration Department is a non-development department and mainly concerned with the administration of the Assam Secretariat (Civil). It deals with the establishment matters of the officers and staff of the Assam Secretariat Services. The Department comprises with the following branches:

  1. Secretariat Administration (Establishment)
    • Secretariat Administration (Gazetted & PF Cell)
    • Secretariat Administration (Duplicating Cell)
  2. Secretariat Administration (Issue)
    • Secretariat Administration (Record & Library)
    • Secretariat Administration (Dak Section)
  3. Secretariat Administration (Nazarat)
    • Secretariat Administration (Vehicle Cell)
  4. Secretariat Administration (Accounts)

The details of the various branches of Secretariat Administration Department are indicated below.

The functions of the Secretariat Administration (Establishment) Branch are as follows:

  1. Matters relating to non-gazetted staff except Grade-IV such as Recruitment, Training, Leave, Transfer & Posting, Gradation List, Confirmation & Promotion.
  2. Matters relating to Deputation/lien, ACR of the Non-Gazetted staff of Assam Sectt.
  3. All appointments on compassionate ground of Jr.A.A. & Computer Operators or of physically handicapped persons.
  4. Matters relating to issue of Identity Cards, Car Passes, Temporary Entry pass in the Assam Secretariat.
  5. Matters relating to appointment of Nazir, Cashier, Accountant, Electrician. Estt. Matters of Lokakanya.
  6. Matters relating to GPF, Pension, Gratuity, DCRG, GIS, NOC for International Passport,
  7. Matters relating to Medical Reimbursement of Sr.A.A., Jr.A.A. & Computer Operators, Social Security Fund.
  8. Matters relating to Association, Amendment of Rules, Reserved categories, RTI on related subjects etc.

The functions of the Secretariat Administration (Gazetted & P.F. Cell) Branch are as follows:

  1. Pay Fixation of all staff.
  2. Maintenance of Service Book.
  3. Pension/G.P.F./G.I.S./V.R.S.
  4. Leave Encashment/Medical Reimbursement of Gazetted Officers.
  5. Confirmation of Gazetted Officers.
  6. Increment/Pay Protection/Fixation of Service of Jr.A.A., SR.A.A. & Gazetted officers, Drivers and Grade-IV employees.
  7. Recruitment of Stenographers Grade-III, Grade-II.

The functions of the Secretariat Administration (Accounts) Branch are as follows:

  1. Preparation of salary bills and disbursement of allowances of the Ministers, Officers and all staff of the Assam Secretariat.
  2. Keeping records of other contingency expenditures relating to the employees of the Assam Secretariat.
  3. Matters relating to Income Tax, Arrear bill, PAC & Audit, Inspection report of AG.
  4. Preparation of T.A. & LTC bills of gazetted staff and non-gazetted staff.
  5. Preparation of telephone bills, GIS bills, Medical bills of officers.
  6. Bills pertaining to Salary/Pension/A.C./D.C.C./Newspaper/Mobile/Fund allotment/R.D. Withdrawal
  7. NOC for bank loan

The functions of the Secretariat Administration (Issue) Branch are as follows:

  1. Posting & dispatching all letters of the Govt. of India.
  2. Receiving & Sorting of all letters.

The functions of the Secretariat Administration ( Record & Library)Branch are as follows:

  1. Maintaining and preserving the non-current public records of the State.

The functions of the Secretariat Administration (Nazarat) Branch are as follows:

  1. Cleanliness of Secretariat Campus
  2. Procurement & Issue of Office stationary, Electrical goods, Furniture, Seal, Stamp etc.
  3. Supply against e-indents & Maintenance of Stock & Issue register.
  4. Appointment and Promotion of Grade-IV staff, Creation & Retention and Establishment matters of of Grade-IV posts.
  5. Pension matters & Medical re-imbursement of Grade-IV
  6. Refreshment Bills

The functions of the Secretariat Administration (Vehicle Cell) Branch are as follows:

  1. Establishment matters of drivers.
  2. Sanction of purchase of cars for the Secretariat.
  3. Allotment & Repair works of vehicles.

Hierarchy of Officers of Secretariat Administration Department

The present hierarchy of officers in Secretariat Administration Department is indicated below:

  1. Additional Chief Secretary
  2. Commissioner & Secretary
  3. Secretary
  4. Joint Secretary
  5. Deputy Secretary
  6. Under Secretary
  7. Administrative Officer
  8. Superintendent

The Additional Chief Secretary is the administrative head of the Department. He is assisted by Commissioner & Secretary, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Superintendent and other subordinate staff of the Department. The Under Secretaries/Deputy Secretaries are the branch officers of the Department. The Superintendent supervises and guides the subordinate staff.

Norms for discharge of duties and functions

All matters mentioned in Chapter-2 & 3 are processed in a chronological matter depending on the date of receipt of authority as per procedure. Individual court cases pertaining to various matters related to the Department are processed promptly at the level of the Deputy Secretary according to the procedure/requirement. RTI matters are also disposed in a prompt manner by the SPIO-I & II as per RTI Act, 2005. Rules are amended only on completion of the legal requirements and necessary advice from the concerned Departments as required under the Rules of Executive Business.

Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals held by the Department for discharging its functions

  1. Assam Secretariat Service Rules, 1963 – This deals with all the rules related to gazetted officers of Category-I, II & III of Assam Secretariat, i.e., Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary and Superintendent.
  2. Assam Secretariat Subordinate Service Rules, 1963 – This deals with all the rules regulating recruitment and conditions of non-gazetted ministerial staff of the Assam Secretariat.
  3. Assam Rules of Executive Business, 1968- This deals with the guidelines for conducting Government business.
  4. Assam Secretariat Grade-IV and Record Suppliers Service Rules, 1963 – This deals with the service matters of Grade-IV & record suppliers of the Assam Secretariat.
  5. Assam Service Pension Rules, 1969 – This deals with the matters relating to pension of State Govt. employees.
  6. Manual of Office Procedure, Secretariat, 1981 – This deals with the entire procedure to be followed by the employees of Secretariat.
  7. Financial Rules & Subsidiary Rules – It is a set of important rules that governs day to day issues relating to service.
  8. Assam Services Confidential Rules, 1990 - This deals with Annual Confidential Reports of state Govt. employees.
  9. Assam Services Discipline and Appeal Rules, 1964 – This deals with rules relating to discipline of state Govt. employees.
  10. Manual of Departmental Proceeding – This deals with the Departmental Proceeding matters of state Govt. employees.
  11. Leave Rules 1934 (as amended) – This deals with all leave matters of state Govt. employees.
  12. Handbook of General Circulars – It is a compilation of of various circulars issued by different Departments.
  13. Assam Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1965 – This deals with rules relating to the conduct of state Govt. employees of civil service.
  14. Assam Stenographers Services Rules, 1995 - This deals with all the rules regulating recruitment and conditions of Stenographers of the Assam Secretariat.
  15. Assam Drivers and Handimen Service Rules, 1999 – This deals with all the rules regulating recruitment and conditions of Drivers & Handimen of Govt. vehicles of the Assam Secretariat.