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       The Department of Power, Government of Assam is primarily responsible for providing adequate and quality power to the people of the State. To achieve this objective, the Department formulates policies and programmes and monitors implementation thereof to achieve the objective of providing power to the state. The Department provides a legal and policy framework for smooth functioning of the delivery system and coordinated development of the power sector in the state.


      The Department of Power is under the overall incharge of the Minister for Power, Government of Assam. Principal Secretary/Commissioner & Secretary is the administrative head of the Department. He is assisted by Joint Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Under Secretaries and ministerial staff in discharging the functions of the Department.

     The Department carries out its responsibility in the field through the Assam State Electricity Board and its successor companies i.e., Assam Power Generation Co. Ltd., Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Ltd., Upper Assam Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd., Lower Assam Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. and Central Assam Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.

       The power safety and power conservation measures are implemented through Directorate of Electricity headed by Chief Electrical Inspector -cum- Adviser to the State Government.To regulate the power generation, transmission and distribution as per the provisions of the Electricity Act, 2003, Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission has been constituted which carries out its functions as envisaged in the Act.