Frequently Asked Questions


1) What are the objectives of an integrated e- governance service?

The Government is attracted more towards electronic governance or e-governance these days. However, choosing the right solution is an important challenge that is set in front of the government. The fact remains that the main purpose of implementing such a technology is to reduce the cost and time parameters.

   Connecting to the public is another major objective of e-governance. Availability of information and e-service at any point of time will definitely get some positive response from the e-citizens. Electronic participation is a major evaluation constraint for e-governance. If e-participation increases, it implies that there is a better acceptability for the new system in place.

2) What are the benefits to the common people from an integrated e- governance service?

It will help in providing a positive impact on the availability of service, security, privacy etc. With the popularity of e-governance, other technologies like e-commerce, e-services etc will also gain popularity. With the implementation of this technology, different government departments will be able to work more efficiently towards a common goal. Data transfer between different departments will become more efficient.

Use of e-governance will help the common people to get more time out of their clock. Services and information will mostly be available online for anyone. This helps in a better service to public. Instead of waiting in line for hours, people will certainly choose this facility for their transactions. An example for this is the e-submission of forms, where the citizens can fill & submit the form at their own convenience.

When convenience of public increases the satisfaction also improves. And all this can be achieved with very less expenditure on implementation. Better availability of information will make a government more transparent. A digital government can be viewed as a smart government.

3) What is the importance of an integrated e- governance service?

These days people refuse to think in the conventional manners. The World has advanced quite a lot and people like implementing the latest technologies in their day to day lives. E-Governance is an answer to people's demands and it's a requirement in today's world. Effective implementation of e-Governance will help bring out easy solutions to the genuine requirements of the people. A digital government will certainly be better in governance in today's world. Effective use of technology is required to build an online government.

People have better access to the affairs around them today mainly due to influence of the media. People get to know about the world around them and will certainly want the good things around them to be adapted by their local government.A customer care center has to be implemented by the government in order to let the people express their views and concerns. It will help the government to gain ideas about the needs of the citizens through an efficient citizen management system.

4) What are the benefits of implementing a customer care centre?

When the government implements a customer care center, it  can be used for betterment of services and this will add to the convenience of the people. People will have concerns about e-filing of taxes and even about the overall administration of the nation. An able customer support will help answer all the concerns of the people. When the government implements an online payment gateway, it will help to improve the services offered by the government to the citizens.

An efficient contact centre system run by the government for the people will help in building a smart government. The government has to advance ahead with the improvements in technology and implement today's technologies. This will help in the overall welfare of the country. With the help of the customer care centers, government will be able to get better ideas from the people from each and every look and corner of the nation. This will improve the administration and helps the country reach better heights in all respects.

5) What are the Advantages of implementing e–Governance service?

The Advantages of implementing e–Governance service are:

a) It will help in improving the manual system that is in place and in saving valuable time.

b) It will help in reducing the production and labor cost as the paper based work system will be converted to an electronic based system.

c) This will also help the governments in allowing more people to access information related to the government more effectively.

d) This will improve the interaction between the government and the public, which is always good for both.

e) It will provide efficiency, transparency and an improved public participation.

f) This will reduce the time taken in resolving public issues.

g) It will help the governments to gain better trust among public at lower costs. This will not only help in a better public relationship, but also in improving the economic well being of the country.

6) Why should I register with AMTRON SMS Gateway?

Registering with AMTRON SMS Gateway enables the user in receiving time to time updated details of the submitted e-forms & their related processings.

7) What happens when the session expires while filling the e-form?

While submitting the e-form, even after entering the correct captcha code, if the user encounters with a message "Enter Correct Captcha Code", then it implies that the session has expired. Once the session expires, the user will not be able to submit the filled e- form.

8) What should I do when the session expires while filling the e-form?

When the session expires while filling the e-form, the user should click on the refresh button. Once he clicks on the refresh button, all the data provided by him gets removed & again he has to fill & submit the respective e-form.

9) Where can I get my submitted e-form status?

The user can get the submitted e-form status by filling up the parameter details in the Application Status tab under Xohari present in the home page. The user can get the details by clicking on the Search button after providing any pre-requisite information such as Acknowlegement Number, Service Name , Department Name, Application Date etc.



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