Hydro-meterological Data Collection Hydro-meterological Data Collection

The Water Resources Department maintains a vast net work of stations covering both Brahmaputra valley and Barak valley, where the hydro-meteorological data is collected for use in design of flood management structures and for research needs. To study the morphological change of river Brahmaputra a total of 65 (sixty five) numbers of river cross-sections are maintained in the entire 640 KM length in Assam. The numbers of stations maintained by the department are as follows:

In Brahmaputra Valley

Gauge sites : 161 Nos
Gauge and Discharge sites : 29 Nos
Gauge, Discharge and Silt sites : 63 Nos
Raingauge Stations (departmental) : 77 Nos
Raingauge Stations (extra departmental) : 163 Nos


In Barak Valley

Gauge sites : 25 Nos
Gauge and Discharge sites : 27 Nos
Gauge, Discharge and Silt sites : 11 Nos
Raingauge Stations (departmental) : 03 Nos
Raingauge Stations (extra departmental) : 02 Nos