Functions and Activities Functions and Activities

Objective and Functions of Water Resources Department, Assam



  1. Formulation and execution of schemes for flood and river bank erosion management
  2. Formulation and execution of schemes for removal of drainage congestion.
  3. Formulation and execution of schemes for reclamation of already eroded areas by river Brahmaputra including channelizing the river.
  4. Hydrological and meteorological data  collection /acquisition and resource assessment
  5. Investigation for water resources projects
  6. Independent review / evaluation of activities of organization with a view to improve functioning
  7. Follow up actions on National Flood Policy
  8. Techno-economic  evaluation of the  flood and erosion management projects



  1. Planning, design, execution and performance study of flood management schemes/projects in the state.
  2. Collection of Hydro-meteorological data in the state
  3. Research and development, training and all matters relating to flood (control) management, drainage, water logging and river bank erosion problems.
  4. Water Laws, legislation.
  5. Assistance of international organizations relating to formulation of project for flood management in the state
  6. Matters relating to rivers common to India and neighbouring countries; (The Joint Group of Experts with Bhutan, Joint river Commission with Bangladesh).
  7. External assistance and cooperation programmes in the field of flood management. (Asian Development Bank, World Bank)

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The Website is launched on 9/6/15 by Hon'ble Minister of Water Resources Sri Basanta Das.

Water Resources Department, Assam

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