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The Water Resources Department, Assam has taken up the holistic approach for inviting national and international expertise in reaching a sustainable and feasible scientific solution for mitigating flood and erosion problem in Assam by convening the Assam Water Conference in this contacts various workshops and seminars are held from time to time.

Since 2013 the Assam Water Resources Department is regularly holding the Assam Water Conferences. Three conferences have already been organized during February' 2013, February' 2014 and February 2015 with focal theme of "Management of Water Resources in North East Region with special reference to Flood and Erosion Management", "Sustainable Development of Water Resources in Northeast Region" and "Management of Water Related Disasters – Urban and Rural" respectively. A galaxy of experts in the field of watershed management from the country as well as abroad took active part in the conference and several important aspects were thoroughly discussed. The conference is itself a major milestone in the field of flood management within the flood ravaged state of Assam.

Apart from the Conferences two Morphological Workshop were already held during the year 2013 and 2014, where a good number of experts from both national and international fame have participated and shared their views.

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conference and workshop  conference and workshop  conference and workshop


International Workshop on Morphology of River Brahmaputra

conference and workshop

conference and workshop

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The Website is launched on 9/6/15 by Hon'ble Minister of Water Resources Sri Basanta Das.

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