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About the Department About the Department

                    Administrative Reforms Department was created by the Government of Assam upon  reorganization of the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms into two separate Departments with effect from 08.08.78 vide notification No.ABP.133/76/pt.IV/ 46 dated 04.05.79 tagged the ‘Training Wing' of the Department of Personnel with Administrative Reforms department with effect from the date of notification.

                     Administrative Reforms and Training Department is mainly entrusted with following  subjects:

Administrative Reforms

  • Research in personnel Administration
  • Institutionalizing arrangements for selection of officers at the Senior and Middle levels in the State.
  • Ensuring by the inspection and continuous review, implementation of policy on personnel administrative reforms.
  • Staff Welfare General Policy.
  • Creation of Districts and Sub-Division.
  • Matters relating to grant of gazette status.
  • Allotment of the subjects to the departments, creation, reorganization and amalgamation of Departments.
  • Conference of DCs and SDOs.
  • Matters relating to Chief Secretaries Conference.
  • Senior Administrative Co- ordination committee meeting.
  • Manual of Office Procedure.
  • Creation, amalgamation and bifurcation of Secretariat Departments.
  • Fixation of norms for permanent retention of Government Officers .
  • Inter State Council.
  • Training matters.
  • Hand Book of General Circulars.
  • Update of the Assam Rules of Executive Business.
  • Allotment of file initials.
  • PM's Award.
  • Delegation of powers under the Assam Rules of Executive Business .
  • ACR Rules.
  • Matters Relating to Assam Administrative Staff College.
  • Matters Relating to Secretariat Training School.
  • Matters Relating to Assam State Information Commission and RTI Act, 2005

Organization and Methods:

  • Work Study.
  • Matters relating to Civil list.
  • Process of economy Committee's Report.
  • Simplification of procedure.
  • Mechanization of Administration.
  • Training:
  • Department Examinations relating to IAS and ACS
  • Survey and Settlement Training
  • Matters relating to Administrative Staff College
  • Arrangements for examination conducted by the UPSC
  • All matters relating to Training Institutions
  • Deputation of Officers for training within India as well as aboard
  • Training of Secretariat Staff
  • All other training matters
  • Talent hunting
  • Career Planning

                  Under Administrative Reforms and Training Department, there are two employee  training institutions.

  • Assam Administrative Training College.
  • Secretariat Training School.