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At present, the water supply facilities in Guwahati Metropolitan area are operated by three departments, viz., Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC), Assam Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Board (AUWSSB) and Public Health Engineering Department (PHED). The existing systems cater to about 30% of the residents. Besides the water supply system, households mainly use groundwater and water supplied through tankers.

Eligibility Criteria:

The person applying for a water connection must have

•    Up-to-date Tax receipts
•    Holding details

Guidelines for filling the form:

Applicants must provide all documents while submitting the form. If filling online, all documents must be scanned and ready,


  • Minimum monthly water charge Rs. 200.00/ individual use.
  • Minimum monthly water charge Rs. 400.00/ Govt. establishment/ commercial institution/ Hospital.
  • A total amount of Rs. 200.00 shall have to pay the families collection water from street hydrant.
  • Rs. 5000.00 per connection shall be charged as security deposit. This amount shall be adjusted if water charge is not paid regularly by any consumer and the connection shall be disconnected immediately after completion of adjustment of this amount without prior notice. If reconnection is sought after disconnection of water supply connection, Rs. 1000.00 shall have to be paid as fine by the consumer in addition to the deposition of security deposit as deposited at the time of commencement of the water connection.
  • The security deposit to non-domestic consumer shall be Rs. 8,000.00 per water connection.
  • Rs. 2400.00/ Rs. 4800.00 shall be charged at the time of commencement of new temporary connection as advance water charge for (one) year in addition to security deposit.
  • The water connection charge shall be borne by the consumer in addition to the estimated charge for road restoration and labour charge Rs. 400.00/ R.M.

Documents Required (whichever applicable):

  • Application Form (given below) if not applying online.
  • Attested copy of land document/ Fair price identity card/ ASEB’s Bill/ Telephone Bill
  • Updated Tax Payment Receipt
  • Self-Declaration that property has been assessed/reassessed after 12 September 2008
  • If land does not belong to self then a NOC from owner/concerned department.
  • Declaration form (Given Below)

How to apply?


Before applying online, make sure all relevant documents are scanned and ready.

Click here to apply for a new water supply connection.


If submitting manually, fill in the application form (can be downloaded below).

The form has to be filled and submitted to: Office of the Superintendent Engineer, GMC Water Supply Branch, Panbazar – 1

Forms to be filled:

Download new water supply connection form

Download Declaration Certificate

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