Mineral based and Plastic Industries

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Major minerals available is crude oil (reserve - over 1.3 billion tonnes) and the state accounts for about 15% of India's crude output. The wells at Digboi, Duliajan, Sivasagar also produce Natural gas (reserve-156 billion cu. mtrs.) accounting to about 50% of India's total onshore production which may be used as feedstock for production of fertilizers, electricity, petrochemicals and also as fuel in the industries.

A gas cracker unit (BCPL), is now functioning for polymerization of HDPE/LLDPE and Polypropylene will supply huge intermediate feedstock for further processing in a host of downstream polymer units.

Limestone with reserves of about 700 million tonnes is another important mineral available in various grades. The China clay from Karbi- Anglong district is a vital input for the ceramics industry. Deposits of decorative stone like granite estimated to be more than a billion cubic meters are available in various shades and colours and has a huge domestic as well as export market. Coal reserves account for more than 320 million tonnes.

The coal found in upper Assam and the Central Assam highland has high sulphur content, high volatile matter content, high calorific value and low ash content.








With reserves of around 1.3 billion tonnes of crude oil and 156 billion cubic metres of natural gas, and the same being available at attractive prices, Assam is an ideal destination for energy / oil and gas based industries. There is ample scope for gas and coal based thermal stations.

With 4 Refineries , Gas Cracker project in operation, Assam presents a new ground for downstream industries specializing in petro, plastic and allied products.

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