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The Assam Police is the law enforcement agency for the state of Assam in India. A regular police force was initiated in Assam by the British after the Treaty of Yandaboo to maintain the law and order. 

It is led by the Director General of Police and the Inspector General of Police with its Headquarters located at Ulubari, Guwahati.

The various Branches of Assam Police are:

1. Assam Police Radio Organisation
2. The Bureau of investigation (EO)
3. Battalions
4. Border
5. Police Commissionerate
6. Special Task Force
7. Criminal Investigation Department
8. Railway Police
9. Village Defence Organization
10. Special Branch
11. Vigilance and Anti Corruption
12. Fire & Emergency
13. Assam Police Housing Corporation Ltd.
14. CM’s Special Vigilance Cell
15. River Police
16. Training and Armed Police

Assam Police is a mammoth organization with a sanctioned strength of approximately 65,000 (sixty five thousand).
The Director General of Police is assisted by several organizations such as the Assam Police Housing Corporation Limited (APHC), Assam Police Radio Organisation (APRO), Chief Minister’s Special Vigilance Cell (CM’s SVC), Civil Defence and Home Guard (CD&HG), Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Border Organization, Bureau of Investigation (Economic Offences) (BIEO), Fire & Emergency Services (FES), Guwahati Police Commissionerate, Prosecution Wing, Railway Police, River Police Organisation, Special Branch (SB), Special Task Force (STF), Training & Armed Police (T&AP), Vigilance and Anti Corruption (V&AC), Village Defence Organisation (VDO), besides 7 (seven) Police Ranges – Central Range (CR), Central Western Range (CWR), Eastern Range (ER), Bodoland Territorial Autonomous District (BTAD) Range, Northern Range (NR), Southern Range (SR) and Western Range (WR), 35 (thirty five) Police Districts and 14 (fourteen) Assam Police Battalions (APBn), 9 (nine) Assam Police (India Reserve) Battalions including ONGC Battalion, 4 (four) Assam Police Task Force Battalions (APTF Bn), 1 (one) Commando Battalion and 6 (six) Police Training units – Police Training College (PTC), Battalion Training Centre (BTC), Armed Police Training Centre (APTC), Recruit Training School (RTS), APRO Training School, and Regional Training Centre for FES as well as 10 (ten) District Training Centres for CD&HG. 

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