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Research Visas are given to Research Professors or Scholars, who wish to conduct the research work in India. When the Research visa is approved, the dependent family members of the research scholar are granted Entry Visa for a similar duration.

Visa will be issued for a period of three years or for the duration of the research project whichever is earlier. The total period of the visa will be restricted to the duration of the project approved by the University/Institute of affiliation or five years whichever is less. If required, extension for an additional period of not more than 06 months as the last & final extension even after the completion of the project may be given (by the Foreigners Regional Registration Office) to enable the research scholar to complete the final formalities of the research project.

Process Flow

FRO offices forward the application to the SB Hqrs. Application of extension of Visa are forwarded by SP, SB(EZ), Assam, Kahilipara, Guwahati along with his recommendation and all necessary documents e.g. Passport, Visa etc to the state government. Extension may be accorded by state government as per Visa Manual and validity of the Passport.

Eligibility Criteria

Research Visas are given to research professionals or Scholars and participants attending research Conferences/Seminars/Workshops

Guidelines for filling the form:

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Documents Required:

i) Applicant’s Photo

ii) Photo Page, Page indicating validity, Page bearing arrival Stamp of Indian Immigration, Visa with endorsement

iii) Form C copy from Hotel or Lodge/ Electricity bill / Landline Telephone / Municipal Bill of the landlord in case of staying in a house of a relative or friend along with a letter and photo-id card of the landlord. In case of rented accommodation copy of the Lease and License agreement (1st and last page & page containing its validity). In case of staying in hostel in the University/ Educational Institution, letter from the authority concerned in the University/ Educational Institution confirming accommodation in the hostel

iv) Form S / Bonafide certificate

Forms to be filled

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Important Timeline:

Research Visas will be valid for entry four weeks after issue. Validity of the Visa would coincide with the research period.

How to apply:

The visitors are required to fill online Visa Application form by visiting the BOI website and visit their nearest embassy with printout of the online filled application and required travel documents.

Type of Service:

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