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Our vision is to groom a well educated and a creative generation of students who would be the leaders of tomorrow in all walks of life including the world of Science and Technology. Science is everywhere in today's world. Science education fuels that curiosity and provides children with valuable ideas, skills, and potential future career choices. Science has two parts - observing phenomena and accounting for them, science education ought to cover both. So, science lecture courses require that students also take the corresponding laboratory course to ensure better understanding of the concept.

As a part of this endeavor, Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhijan (RMSA), Assam in collaboration with Assam State Technology and Environment Society (ASTEC) and United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Guwahati, RMSA is set to launch mobile science laboratory in various districts of Assam where there is no access of laboratory facilities to students of secondary and higher secondary classes.

A Project approved under Chief’s Ministers Innovative Scheme for the quality Science Education for children in Secondary and Higher Secondary Section. It is an outreach programme for our secondary and Higher Secondary students to make science attractive and interesting in schools. In order to ensure quality in secondary education providing Science laboratories is an immediate and urgent need. So, to provide the students with laboratory facilities RMSA, Assam lay down the target of construction of science laboratories in all school of Assam.

But as the construction of infrastructure at mass level is time consuming process the mission sets to pursue an innovative scheme to provide the students with opportunity of science laboratory in the form of Mobile Science Laboratory. This will give the students in secondary schools a chance to learn science by performing experiments, thus it will give them not only the pleasure of "learning by doing" but also will render the subject enjoyable and easy to understand. It will also inculcate and nurture a scientific attitude among the school children.

Objectives of Mobile Science Laboratory:

  • To provide school children with the opportunity to handle scientific apparatus and learn the basics of science through experiments.
  • To create awareness of the relevance of science in the lives of school children.
  • To create opportunity for every students towards learning science by doing.
  • To spread the message in rural communities that science can help solve the problems in their everyday lives as much as it does for the urbanites.
  • To expose our students to new ideas, to raise curiosity, observation and assimilation level.

Two Mobile Science Laboratory vehicles are completed and will be inaugurated for Kamrup (M), Kamrup and Jorhat districts.

For this purposed 60 teachers are already trained by renowned scientists of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai, Professors of cotton college, Handique College, Vidhya Vahini, Pune to be the facilitators.

The vehicles will be handed over to Jorhat Science Centre and Planetarium, Jorhat and Assam Science Society, Jawaharnagar, Khanapara- 22 for further implementation of the scheme that will contribute towards the success of this programme.

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