Assam Wide Area Network (ASWAN)

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Assam Wide Area Network (ASWAN) has helped the Information and Technology Department to create an active communication network in the state covering all districts, sub-divisional offices, circle and block offices through 304 POPs in Assam with a minimum of 2 Mbps links. A robust communication corridor is the first and foremost requirement for the successful implementation of e-Governance projects. State wide Area Network helps us establish the said communication corridor.

ASWAN is being handled by the department of IT with financial support from the Ministry of Information & Communication Technology, Government of India to implement of the e-Governance projects successfully.

  • No of POP Operations: 153
  • No of RF Towers installed by AMTRON: 120
  • No of Offices covered under Horizontal Connectivity: 815
  • OFC laid down by AMTRON: (in Km)

This network will facilitate the smooth rollout of e-Governance initiatives across departments. Similarly the horizontal connectivity project will eventually connect all government offices in the state through the ASWAN POPs.

  • 288 SWAN POPs have been commissioned in the state so far
  • 114 POPs are currently being used by National Registrar of Citizens (NRC) updation Programme.
  • 160 POPs of ASWAN are used by the e-District project

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