Free Ladies Bicycle

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With an objective of reducing the dropout rate of Girls students at Secondary level and to increase enrollment of Girls, Govt of Assam is providing free bicycles to school going Girls up to Class-X studying in Govt. and provincialized High/Higher Secondary Schools. Increasing Mobility and Socialization are the positive outcomes that has been observed amongst the school going girls. This has resulted in easy transportation for the Girls.

Year-wise distribution of Ladies Bicycles:

Year Total Distribution
2012-13 140324
2013-14 144879
2014-15 Nil
2015-16 16977
2016-17 154199


School going girls up to Class-X


School Certificates

Where to Apply:

The Beneficiaries are selected by the Inspector of Schools during every financial year and forwarded to the Directorate of Secondary Education, Assam

Whom to Contact:

  • Directorate of Elementary Education, Assam OR
  • Inspector of Schools OR
  • Respective School
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