Land Allotment in various Industrial Estates


Who should apply?

Any entrepreneur requiring land within the Industrial Estates in Assam for setting up of an Industry shall apply for land allotment.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of EM-1/EM-II/IEM , as applicable. 
  • Project Report, if the venture is new. 
  • Plant layout indicating the area for installation of machinery, space for raw material/finished products, generator set, utility services, etc. 
  • Company profile and PAN card of the promoter/s. 
  • Last three years balance sheets of the enterprise in case of existing unit. 
  • NOC for Mortgage Right Permission in case of multiple allotments in more than one Industrial Estate, if applicable. 
  • Photo ID and Address Proof of the Applicant (It is not required if the application is Digitally Signed by the Applicant).


30 (Thirty) days from the date of submission of application, complete in all respects along with documents as per checklist

Fees and Payments:

Application shall be accompanied with following fee, viz:

  • Non-refundable processing fee of 0.50 paisa per (Maximum Rs 2000) 
  • Security deposit of Rs. 5000 per 1000 sq mtr
  • Development charge Rs. 600 per 


The above amount shall be submitted by way of Demand Draft/Cheque in favour of:

  • "Assam Small Industries Development Corporation Ltd" (if AIDC),
  • "Assam Industries Development Corporation Ltd" (if AIDC),
  • "Assam Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation" (if AIIDC),
  • "Department of Industries & Commerce, Assam" (if DIC).
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