Administrative Recognition



Administrative Recognition under section 5 and 6 of the Assam Non-Govt. Educational Institutions (Regulation and Management) Act, 2006 and rule 5 of the Assam Non-Govt. Educational Institutions (Regulation and Management) Rules, 2007.

Who should apply?

Any individual, association of individuals, Non-Government Organization, society or trust intending to establish and run a non-government educational institution shall apply for Administrative Recognition.

Documents Required:

  • Copy of the permission letter.
  • Copy of the registration letter.
  • Scheme of Management as required under section 14 of the Act.


41 working days from the date of receipt of submission of application form, completed in all respect along with documents as per checklist. 

Fees and Payments:

(i) For Primary stage: Rs. 1,000/-
(ii) For Middle stage: Rs. 1,500/-
(iii) For Secondary stage: Rs. 2,000/-
(iv) For Higher Secondary stage: Rs. 3,000/-

The amount shall be deposited in the form of a Demand Draft in favour of either to the Director of Elementary Education, Assam or to Director of Secondary Education, Assam as the case may be, payable at the State Bank of India, Kahilipara Branch.

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