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THE ASSAM CINEMAS (REGULATION) RULES, 1960, No. GAG 254/59/64, date the 16th December, 1960. In exercise of the powers conferred by S. 10 of the Assam Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1953 (Assam Act XIV of 1953), the Governor of Assam hereby makes the following rules for the purposes of carrying into effect the provisions of the said Act.

Types of Licences:

There shall be four kinds of licences, namely for -

  • Permanent cinemas;
  • Temporary indoor cinemas;
  • Temporary open air cinemas;
  • Touring cinemas.

Application Process for Permanent Cinemas:

Every application for he grant or renewal of licence shall be in writing and shall be signed by the applicant and submitted to the Licensing Authority i.e. the respective Deputy Commissioners.

Accompanying Documents:

Application for the grant as distinct from the renewal of a permanent cinema licence shall be accompanied by -

  1. full particulars regarding the ownership of, and all rights in, the premises and in the cinematograph apparatus to be used therein;

  2. A true copy of the "No objection certificate' under sub-R. (2) of R.4;

  3. Certificate from the Executive Engineer, P.W.D. of the area that the rules relating to the structural features of the building have been duly complied with;

  4. Certificate from the Electricity Department of the Government that the Electrical installations conform to the required standard and the existing rules;

  5. Certificate from the District officer or any other competent authority of Public Health Department that the arrangements for sanitation conform to the requirements of the rules;

  6. An "Approved Films Exhibition Certificate" from the Officer-in-charge of the Distribution, Film Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India to the effect that the arrangements have been made for getting regular supply of approved films' for the duration of the period for which licence is applied for;

  7. A treasury receipt for the payment of fees for licence at the rate prescribed;

  8. A clearance certificate from the Superintendent of Taxes of the area concerned to the effect that no amount of tax due under the Assam Amusement and Betting Tax Act, 1939, has reminded unpaid.

Fee Payment:

A fee Rs. 1000 shall be levied for the grant of every licence permanent cinema for the initial term of three years and subsequent each year perennial term, the year being calculated from the date of the licence. A fee of Rs. 100 shall be payable for a duplicate copy of the licence.

Whom to Contact:

Respective Deputy Commissioners.

Type of Service:

Offline only. Application to be submitted addressing the Respective Licensing Authority.

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