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With a view to provide educational opportunities to students with disabilities, the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities has been implementing three Scholarship Schemes i.e. Pre-matric, Post-matric and Scholarship for Top Class Education for their empowerment through education.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • He/she should be a citizen of India
  • A person with disability having not less than 40% disability and having a disability issued by any competent medical authority.
  • Not more than two disabled children of the same parents will be entitled to receive benefits of the scheme. Provided in case the second child is a twin, the scholarship under this scheme will be admissible to both the twins.
  • Scholarship for studying in any class will be available for only one year. If a student has to repeat a class, he/she would not get scholarship for that class for a second (or subsequent) year.
  • A scholarship holder under this scheme will not hold any other scholarship/stipend. If awarded any other scholarship/stipend, the student can exercise his/her option for either of the two scholarships/stipends, which is more beneficial to him/her and should inform the awarding authority through the Head of the Institution about the option made.

Documents Required:

Scholarship Amount is less than 50,000/-

  • Aadhaar id or if not available Aadhaar enrolment number.
  • Disability certificate issued by the competent authority designated by the
  • District Medical officer/civil surgeon of a govt. Hospital.
  • Parental income certificate issued by the designated authority as per scheme guidelines i.e. duly signed by revenue authority eg. Tehsildar).
  • Form 16 is not acceptable.
  • Copy of previous year mark sheet.
  • Tuition fee receipt.

Greater than 50,000/-

  • Student photograph
  • Scanned copy of parental income certificate (duly signed by revenue authority/tehsildar.(form 16 is not acceptable)
  • Scanned copy of Aadhaar card/Aadhaar enrollment no.
  • Scanned copy of disability certificate issued by the competent authority designated by the District Medical officer/Civil Surgeon of a Govt. Hospital.
  • Scanned copy of previous year mark sheet
  • Tuition fee receipt of current course year.
  • Scanned copy of bank passbook/cancelled cheque leaf
  • Receipt of purchase of computer and aids & assistive device to beuploaded (only in case of top-class scholarship scheme for SwDs)

Important Timeline:

Closure dates for acceptance of various scholarship applications are available in the National Scholarships Portal.

How to apply:

There are two types of Registration: Fresh Application and Renewal Application:


Student Applying for the first time in the portal should compulsory register as fresh. Students have to Click on the option “Student Login”, on the home page of National Scholarships Portal. Fill up the application as per the instructions given by the system and then click on save button. After saving, student will get a “Temporary ID”. The system will instruct the applicant to submit his/her Temporary ID and date of birth to fill subsequent details. Once registration is complete on click of submit button, a Permanent Registration ID is generated which can be used for tracking the status of application during the current academic year and renewal during next year.


Those Students who got scholarship last year through NSP and the same course is continuing for another year will be considered as renewal. Since the student has already applied in the previous academic year, so students have to update only minimal details from the existing application form like Application Id and Date of Birth which they registered during the previous year. Student can also use Forgot Application ID to retrieve their ID. Only those students would be able to Renew who had actually got the scholarships payments last year from NSP

Type of Service:

Online : Yes

Click here to apply online.

Forms to be filled:

 You can download the form from 

Whom to Contact:

Candidates can contact the Help Desk for resolution of the technical problems

Contact No.: 0120 - 6619540

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