Petroleum Exploration License

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Documents Required:

1. Copy of certificate indicating constitution of the firm.                                            
2. Copy of mining lease                                                 
3. Map showing Forest boundary.                                                
4. Permission from Forest Department                                           
5. Sketch Map showing boundary points of proposed mining lease area. 


90 (Ninety) days from the date of submission of application form, complete in all respect along with documents as per checklist.

Fees and Payments:

a) Initial Lease Fee- Rs 100000/-                                   
b) Security deposit- Rs 4,00,000/-                                   
c) Annual license fee- 1st year-Rs200/          

  • 2nd year- Rs 400/ Sq Km                        
  • 3rd year- Rs2000/Sq Km                         
  • 4th year- Rs 2800/Sq.Km          
  • Rs 4000/Sq.Km for the each subsequent year of renewal   

Type of Service:


How to Apply:

Click here to go to EODB Assam to apply.

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