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There are two process of obtaining the certify copy. When the registration process was started the document were registered manually and kept the documents in volume by manual writing. But after online process have stared (from2007 as pilot project in Sonitpur district) the softcopy of the registering document is scanned and kept safely in the database of the local server.

If the public wants to obtain the certify copy of document, he /she should apply the concern registration authority. A certify copy is prepared either from the Volume Book or from server. Both certify copy is prepared either manually and print out copy on minimum Rs 6 stamp paper. The hardcopy is made authenticate by the concern sub registrar with his seal and signature. Now the certify copy is ready for delivery.Document wise the fee of the certify copy are different. The details are attached herewith.

Fees and Payments:

For certify copy of registered documents a fee shall be charged @Rs 5/- for every 300(Three hundred) words. When an applicant requires his copies to be furnished within three days from the date of application, he shall have to pay double the fees prescribed as per clause I i.e “I fees” & ARTPS fee Rs500/- for G.M.C Area,Rs 250/- for Urban area and Rs 100/- for Rural areas.

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