The Guwahati Municipal Corporation has been emphasizing from time to time the need to strengthen the public service delivery and for increased interface with general public to promote responsive administration. In this regard, the Corporation has adopted standard procedures with time schedule relating to issuance of Birth Certificates.

Birth Certificate:-                                        The record of birth with Municipal Corporation helps a citizen in different ways. With the help of birth certificate,

                                                                                              one can easily get admission in School,Colleges and University. The birth certificate is an essential document to  

                                                                       get one's name recorded in electoral roll, get a passport and can even claim the bank saving of a deceased

                                                                       person. Even to get a Ration Card birth certificate is an important document. In India it is mandatory under

                                                                       registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 to register every birth.

(1) Eligibility Criteria:-                                  Birth Certificate is issued to a person whose parents are Indian Citizen and on submission of Birth Certificate

                                                                                               from Nursing Home or Private Hospital.

(2) Procedure to obtain the service:-       The applicant shall submit the duly filled in application form No. 

                                                                       1 with a fee as notified by GMC to the following officer during

                                                                       office hours in any working day.

           The Registrar of Births & Deaths


           The Chief Health Officer,

           Guwahati Municipal Corporation,

           3rd Floor, GMC Market, Fancy Bazar.

                                                                        After receipt of the application an acknowledgment will be issued to the petitioner.Necessary verification will be  

                                                                        carried out within 7 (seven) working days. Acceptance or Rejection of the

                                                                        petition will be informed to the petitioner within 15 (fifteen) working days after due approval of the competent  



(3) List of Documents required:-               i) Information in the form of certificate from Nursing Home/Private Hospital, if born in Nursing Home / Private

                                                                         Hospital within 21 days in Form No. 1

                                                                      ii) Information to Registrar from source other than Nursing  Home and Private Hospital within 21 days.