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Functions, role and responsibilities of the Printing and Stationery Department & the Directorate of Printing & Stationery, Assam are as follows:

  1. To supply office stationeries including papers and various kinds of Schedule and Non- Schedule forms to all the State Government Offices of the entire State as per their Annual Indents timely and regularly.
  2. To print and supply the Gazette Notifications to all its subscribers timely and regularly.
  3. To deal with various establishment matters of about 500 employees of the Directorate both Technical and Ministerial.
  4. To generate revenues by selling Government Publications through the existing Book Depot.
  5. To print various kinds of confidential matters like printing of Ballot Papers, Budget Volumes, Assembly Questions, Speeches of Honorable Governor, Chief Minister etc., maintaining strict Security measures. All these printing works are time bound in nature.
  6. To Print Non-Schedule Forms of Offices of the Corporate Bodies, Boards etc., on payment basis and thereby generate revenue for the State.
  7. To complete all time bound printing, restricting overtime expenditure to the minimum.
  8. To minimize all unnecessary expenditures in procurement of Office Stationeries, Papers, etc. (ix) To print and supply Government Diaries, Calendars and Engagement Pads during the month of December every year to all Government Offices of the State.
  9. There are numbers of Government approved Private Presses in the State, which are categorized as 'A' , 'B' and 'C' depending upon their capability. Such Government approved printing Presses undertake Printing only when the Officers of the Assam Government Press under the control of the Director P & S. , Assam express their "inability to undertake certain Printing works of Government Department due to preoccupations by other urgent and timebound printing works. The Government approved Private Presses are issued work order only on receipt of such report from the Director, Printing & Stationery, Assam.
  10. There is a Schedule of rate for Printing approved by the Government in P & S Department on the basis of which the bills for Printing submitted by the different Government approved private Presses are checked and verified by the Director P & S Assam, before making payment by the concerned Indenting Offices and also by the P& S Department. "

Directorate under the Department:

There is a Directorate under Printing and Stationery Department in the name and style of the Directorate of Printing and Stationery, Assam. The Directorate is headed by the Director who is the Administrative Head. of the Department. He I She is assisted by the Joint Director, Deputy Director and Assistant Directors and other subordinate Technical and Ministerial Staff.

There are two Branch Presses at Dispur and Jorhat along with Assam Government Press.