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Overview of the Department

Assam Minority Development Board:

Assam Minority Development Board was constituted in 1985 and mainly deals with the welfare activities of the minority communities of Assam.


  1. To examine the problems of linguistic and religious minorities in Assam
  2. To advise ways and measures for the protection of constitutional rights of minorities and to apprise the State Govt. of Assam of their social, educational and economic condition
  3. To formulate schemes for the rehabilitation and assistance to the minorities and to pursue its implementation
  4. To formulate schemes for advance of education of minorities and to take action for its implementation.
  5. To execute plan for the benefit of the minorities and to co-ordinate with the financial institutions for the purpose
  6. To promote employment opportunities among the minorities
  7. To identify the problems of economic backwardness of the minorities
  8. To draw model plans for investment and production to be undertaken by the persons belonging to minorities
  9. To evaluate and study the welfare schemes for minorities
  10. To execute plans for the benefit of the minorities either directly or through others in coordination with the existing agencies engaged in the field, whether private, public or cooperative
  11. To take up such other activities as may be entrusted by the State Government.

Assam Minority Development & Finance Corporation Ltd.

Assam Minority Development & Finance Corporation Ltd. was constituted in 1997 and is the Channelizing Agency of National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation, New Delhi and gives loan to persons of notified minority communities living under double the poverty line.


  1. The promote economic and developmental activities for the benefit of "background sections" amongst the minorities, preference being given to the occupational groups and women;
  2. To assist, subject to such income and / or economic criteria as may be prescribed by the Government from time to time, individuals or groups of individuals belonging to the minorities by way of loans and advances for economically and financially viable schemes and projects;
  3. To promote self-employment and other ventures for the benefits of minorities;
  4. To grant loans and advances at such rates of interest as may be determined from time to timein accordance with the guidelines of schemes prescribed by the Central/State government or by the Reserve Bank of India;
  5. To extend loans and advances to the eligible members belonging to the minorities for pursuing general/professional/technical education or training at graduate and higher level;
  6. To help in furthering the Government policies and programmes for the development of minorities;
  7. To construct, execute, carry out, equip, improve, work, develop, administer, manage or control works and convenience of all kinds for upliftment and welfare of minorities and construct or to cause construction of (suitable) house, factories, sheds and others for such minorities.

Assam Linguistic Minorities Development Board

Government of Assam has as far as practicable implementing the various safe guards provided under the constitution for the Linguistic Minorities. Although the Welfare of Minorities and Development Department is a Nodal Department for minorities but actually safe guards are mainly implementing by the Education Department as major portion of the safe guards for Linguistic Minorities are related to education.

There are altogether 357 primary level Linguistic Minority institutions in the State consisting of Bengali, Bodo, Manipuri, Hindi and Nepali. Composition of population as well as language and religion structure of the state of Assam is a bit different from the other parts of the country.

Although Assamese is the State official language but Bodo and Bengali is allowed to use as associate languages at Barak Valley and Bodoland areas. State Govt. time to time sanctioned grants-in-aid to Linguistic Minorities institutions. Rules are common for all schools irrespective of language.

For the safeguard and Assam Linguistic Minorities in the State, Govt. of Assam has constituted the Assam Linguistic Minorities Development Board under the Chairmanship of Shri B.K. Nath vide Govt. Notification No. WMD20/99/Pt/63 Dtd. 14/10/2009.