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Overview of the Department:

Assam, one of the States of North Eastern India is endowed with abundant fertile land and water resources. The mighty Brahmaputra and the Barak flow through out the two valleys keeping the State fertile and cool.    Assam is a hot spot of bio­diversity due to its warm humid climate with abundance   of   forest   and   hilly   areas.   Abundance   of   bio­waste   from   the   Nature   for   recycling   as organic or Natural farming. In hilly areas, Pineapple, Orange, Assam Lemon, Passion Fruits, Spices like Ginger and Turmeric are grown in a big way with no use of chemicals.


  • Promote, finance and support producer owned and controlled organizations.  
  • Facilitate Transformation of traditional farming system into a commercial and technology based sustainable enterprise to maximize farmer's farm income.
  • Facilitate the promotion , consolidation and sustainability of farming business by facilitating quality   services   viz.   knowledge   technology,   credit,   inputs,   marketing  and   value   addition under business partnership model.
  • Facilitate   the   growth   of   Agribusiness   in   the   state   for   Farmers,   Social,   Corporate   and Environmental Good.
  • Facilitate the generation of increase don­farm and off­farm employment.

Office Available

  • Horticulture and Food Processing Department has its Directorate office in Guwahati.
  • The department has district agriculture office in each district.
  • Each district office  in turn has  its sub offices in each sub­divisions.