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Mandate of the Department


  • State Protocol Matters
  • "State Guest" Matters.
  • Order of Precedence for State Ceremonial/State Functions.
  • Relevant matters relating to National Flag and Nation Anthem
  • State Ceremonial Functions including Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations, State Mourning, State Funerals, Reception of VIPs and other authorised dignitaries etc.
  • Compilation and preparation of Hon'ble Governor's (Assam) speech for Republic Day.
  • Compilation and Preparation of Hon'ble Chief Minister's (Assam) speech for independence Day.
  • Release of funds for celebration of republic Day and Independence Day to the establishments of Deputy Commissioners and Sub-Divisional Officers(Civil).
  • Declaration of Annual Holiday List and Holidays under N.I Act for the Government of Assam .
  • Matters relating to the Directorate of Sainik Welfare, Assam.
  • Release of funds and administering the relevant establishments matters for/of the establishment of Divisional Commissioner , Deputy Commissioner, Sub-Divisional Officers(Civil),Circuit House ,Assam House/Bhawans , State Guest House(s),Office of the Trade Adviser and Director of Movement, Government of Assam ,Kolkata, coming under the administrative control of General Administration Department.
  • Processing of proposals and release of funds for construction/renovation/maintenance of administrative and residential building of divisional Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Sub-Divisional Officers(Civil),Circuit Houses ,Assam Houses/Bhawans, State Guest House(s) and Government Quarters under the administrative control of General Administration Department.
  • Housing facilities for the Ministers, Government Officers and Staff in State Head Quarters, in Districts and in Sub-Divisions subject to the provisions under the relevant rules administered by General Administrative Department.
  • Arrangement of accommodation for officials and public for official/different purposes through Circuit Houses and Assam Houses/Bhawans.
  • Scale of furniture for Office use.
  • Matters relating to Assam Cinema (Regulation) Act,1953 and Assam Cinema(Regulation) Rules,1960.
  • Matters relating to functioning as Nodal Department for Census Operations.
  • Matters relating to post offices and telephones including sanction for new Government connections.
  • Creation of New District and Sub-Divisions in the State of Assam.


Functions of the Department

The general Administration Department was a part of the then general and judicial Department until 1950 when it was split up and the General Branch was constituted into a separate Department known as General Administration Department.

The name of the Department ,however, does not indicate the nature of work performed in the Department before matter connected with General Administration were mostly allotted to the Appointment Department while the general and miscellaneous matters which cannot appropriately be assigned to any other department were dealt with in the General Administration Department .At present the General Administration Department deals with some important function of the government such as "State Protocol", "State Ceremonial Function", "Development and Maintenance of Assam House/Bhawans" and "Establishment matters of the offices of the Divisional Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner/Sub-Divisional Officers(Civil)"but the nature of the works are still general and miscellaneous in nature.

Objectives of the Department:-

1. Improved administrative infrastructure at State and District level.

2. Infrastructural development maintenance of assets(Assam House/Bhawans) Outside the State to cater to the accommodation needs of people and dignitaries visiting the concerned States for official /educational/medical treatment purpose(s).

3. Meeting the needs of the Directorate of Sainik welfare ,Assam, within the purview of the administrative of GAD.