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Brief History of the Department

There are more than 1000 (one thousand) tea gardens in Assam where workers originally coming from Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal have engaged themselves and subsequently settled in Assam permanently. They are known as Tea and Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, who are recognized as Other Backward Classes by the Government. These people not only constitute a sizable chunk of the population in the State but also play major role in tea production of the State (about 53% of the total tea production of the country) and this contributes to the economy of the State.

People belonging to the tea tribes communities are spread all over the State of Assam. Economically, they are quite backward and literacy level among these communities is extremely low. Some steps have been taken by the Government for improving the level of literacy and education besides other economic support for generating their family income under State plan. In order to achieve socio-economic development of the tea tribes people, the Government of Assam have been implementing welfare schemes through a separate Directorate viz. Directorate for Welfare of Tea and Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, Assam since 1983-1984 for speedy implementation of welfare schemes. Government of Assam created Tea Tribes Welfare Department in 2004 as Administrative Department vied Notification No. AR. 32/2004/34, dated 31-09-2004.

A separate budget provision was made under Tea Tribes Welfare Department in the financial year 2005-2006.

Mandate of the Department

To accelerate the socio-economic development of the Tea Tribes of Assam. To enhance the gainful employability of the tea tribes manpower. To gear up the activities for spreading out institutionalization of education at different levels viz. primary/secondary and higher etc. To coordinate with other development departments for providing basic amenities like health and hygiene, sanitation, safe drinking water, electricity etc. The Department also monitors and assess all development works undertaken by various departments in areas inhabited by tea tribes or ex-tea tribes. To create awareness among women for creating women Self Help Groups in coordination with various organizations including voluntary organizations. To monitor and coordinate with the management of the tea gardens for providing Eco-friendly working environment. To develop appropriate network between Government departments and other various organizations with a view to enabling the speedy disposal of matters relating to tea garden tribes.